Go First crisis..UAE expats cancel flight tickets and pay doubled cost

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As the summer vacation season approaches, many people have booked reservations with Go First to visit their Indian hometowns. However, given the airline's current position, many are left wondering what to do with their plans.

Go First crisis bad impact on the summer vacation

Some individuals have already cancelled or rescheduled their flights, citing cancellation fears and excessive costs. Others are still awaiting the outcome of the crisis before postponing their flight.

List of Cheaper alternatives flights for India trips

Rajeev Chekkawar scheduled a Go First flight from Dubai to Kannur for his wife and children around the end of June and is considering rescheduling their trip, citing the airline's uncertainties. "Because the situation remains uncertain, I instructed my travel agent to look for cheaper alternatives, but the ticket price for a direct trip is more than 1,500 Dh." mentioned Chekkawar, who had previously purchased a Go First ticket for 650 Dh.

"However, due to family obligations, we must fly this summer, as there were travel restrictions in previous years, I'll look into other options, such as travelling through Muscat or other cities." Chekkawar said while waiting for a reimbursement from Go First.

Mohammed Asim, a sales executive, stated that due to costly airfares, he will have to cancel his trip this summer vacation. "I had planned to book the ticket on Go First last month because the airfare to Mumbai was around 600 Dh at the end of June, and I was expecting a slight increase, however, given the present rate, the best alternative is to cancel the trip and plan for the winter holiday." Asim remarked, noting that he has to book five tickets.

No options for tourists

A lot of residents who brought family members to Dubai for a summer vacation that coincided with the Indian school break had booked their return with Go First. They are now looking for additional low-cost choices. "I had paid nearly 3,800 Dh for three round-trip tickets. "My family was supposed to return on May 25, when schools reopened. However, due to the uncertainty, I scheduled their journey on May 27 for roughly 4,000 Dh for Air India Express tickets." said Bassam Siddique, who had made his first roundtrip booking in the second week of March.

Siddique went on to say that he had received no communication from the airline regarding the status of his trip. "My friends and travel agents informed me that the flight would most likely be cancelled and that no refunds would be given".

Travel agents are awaiting refunds and notifications from airlines because many of their clients were unable to fly due to flight cancellations. "We are not aware of a full refund as mentioned on their website, nor are we certain whether they will issue a credit note, I had two passengers [booked] on May 2 and 3, and the system shows that a refund was made, but I have not received money," claimed an agent who requested anonymity.

Moreover "There are people who have purchased tickets this month, as well as in July and August. People are currently waiting for a clear picture and have not yet cancelled their tickets. We won't have a clear image until the airline begins operations."

According to Deepak Kaushik of Rooh Travel and Tourism, a few people have cancelled their travel plans to India due to the high cost of airfares, or they have travelled to visa-on-arrival destinations for Indians. "Those cancelling their tickets are those with large families who can only afford tickets under 800 Dh. "People with a high income, on the other hand, are planning a holiday to their hometown as well as a short journey elsewhere."

As he continued :"It's a difficult situation for both travelers and the travel industry because we can't offer a price that fits their budget".

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