Kuwaiti government announces the launch of part-time expat work permits

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Kuwait has introduced a significant change in its labor policies by initiating the issuance of part-time work permits for expatriates within the country.

Kuwait has initiated the issuance of part-time work permits for expatriates within the country, aiming to facilitate employers in utilizing the existing expatriate workforce without the need for international recruitment.

The Public Authority for Manpower, through its Sahel application, is responsible for issuing these part-time work permits. The move is anticipated to contribute to the development of Kuwait's labor market, empower business owners to invest in the current labor force, and address demographic imbalances.

The part-time work permit application process is detailed on the Sahel platform, and the Public Authority for Manpower shared information regarding the associated costs. The fees for the new work permit are as follows: KD5 ($16) for one month, KD10 ($32.5) for three months, KD20 ($65) for six months, and KD30 ($97.5) for one year. Notably, Kuwaiti citizens are exempt from paying these fees and can engage in part-time work without limitations.

The Manpower Authority's decision to introduce part-time work permits aligns with its commitment to enhancing the labor market's dynamics and supporting business owners. Expatriates applying for these permits are allowed to work for a maximum of four hours per day, except for employees in the contracting sector, who have no specific time limit.

It's important to note that obtaining permission from the individual's primary employer is a prerequisite for acquiring the part-time work permit. This measure ensures transparency and adherence to regulations. With over two-thirds of the country's population consisting of expatriates, these new regulations are strategically designed to manage demographic imbalances and optimize the utilization of the existing workforce.

The issuance of part-time work permits via the Sahel platform is seen as a positive step in streamlining labor practices, fostering economic growth, and addressing the evolving needs of Kuwait's labor market.

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