UAE.. 11,000 dirhams in compensation for a foreign worker who was arbitrarily dismissed from her job

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A (Gulf) woman was ordered by the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court to pay her (Asian) maid 11,20 dirhams as compensation for arbitrary termination, salary allowance, and end-of-service allowance, and she was also required to pay the costs of the action. Anything more than that was refused.

The plaintiff stated in the complaint sheet that she began working as a maid for the defendant with a salary of 1,200 dirhams per month, but the plaintiff later refused to allow her to pay her labour dues. As a result, the plaintiff filed a complaint with the Labour Disputes Department, which was then forwarded to the court. The plaintiff now requests a ruling ordering the defendant to be obligated to the plaintiff. She is also required to pay fees, costs, and attorney's fees in addition to paying her 13,400 dirhams in yearly leave allowance, end-of-service allowance, trip ticket, compensation for work injury, and wrongful dismissal allowance.

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The defendant, for her part, submitted an answer memorandum in which she demanded the dismissal of the case and argued that it should have been filed in a manner other than that prescribed by law because it had not been filed before the labour court. She also stuck to a report she had filed against the plaintiff due to the theft and argued that it should be dismissed.

The plaintiff decided there was no case of theft against her and that she had not received her salaries after the judge overseeing the case decided to refer it to court, while the defendant determined that she had paid the plaintiff's salaries, which she kept in her possession.

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