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Amazon launches massive Ramadan sale from February 27 until March 8
Asma - 3 days is set to kick off its upcoming Ramadan Sale event, commencing on February 27 for Prime members and February 28 for all customers, and lasting until March 8.

UAE Government issues high-risk alert for Google Chrome users
Asma - 4 days

The UAE Cyber Security Council recently issued a heightened warning concerning the desktop edition of Google Chrome, the world's most widely used web browser.

WhatsApp launches a new feature that will change the balance of messaging applications
Abdallah Shahin - 3 weeks

Meta is presently focusing on making WhatsApp more compatible with other platforms, so users can send direct messages to others on Signal and other similar services.

Smartphone prices in the UAE will drop by 400 dirhams in the coming days
rawda samy - 1 month

The cost of smartphones in the United Arab Emirates is expected to decrease by 400 dirhams during the next few days.

Xiaomi launches the latest Redmi Note 13 series
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

The sources indicated that the series includes two devices that feature only 4G technology, namely the Note 13 and Note 13 Pro, and the point of difference between their 5G counterparts is the type of chips used in both devices.

7 tips to speed up the performance of your new Mac
MoMansour - 1 month

However, even the priciest, most ostentatious computer is susceptible to a problem that all computer users are acquainted with: slowdown.

Toyota Recalls 1 Million Vehicles Due to Airbag Sensor Issues
Muhamed abdo - 2 months

In the United States, Toyota is recalling around one million automobiles and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) owing to a potential issue that might result in the passenger airbag failing to deploy in the event of a collision.

The Cybersecurity Council issues a security alert to citizens and expatriates in the UAE
rawda samy - 2 months

In the United Arab Emirates, the Cybersecurity Council has issued a security advisory to both foreign nationals and UAE citizens.

The government launches free Wi-Fi in the UAE in these places
Ahmed Moawad - 2 months

The UAE government has expanded its free public Wi-Fi network in many places, and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and Internet service in these places in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi explains to the public how to benefit from free internet service in all regions
rawda samy - 2 months

In every region, Abu Dhabi provides the general public with instructions on how to take advantage of the free Internet service.

WhatsApp Unveils 3 major Updates Transforming Message Sending
Asma - 2 months

In a recent communication to its user base, WhatsApp, a leading social media messaging platform, has introduced a series of notable updates, aiming to enhance user experience and security.

WhatsApp announces new Self-Destructing Voice Messages feature for Enhanced User Privacy
Asma - 2 months

In a significant development, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature allowing voice messages to self-destruct after a single playback.

Rockstar Games reveals "Grand Theft Auto VI", set for 2025 release
Asma - 2 months

In an unexpected turn of events, the trailer for "Grand Theft Auto VI" surfaced on YouTube ahead of its scheduled release, unveiling exciting details about the upcoming game. Rockstar Games, the mastermind behind the franchise, confirmed...

WhatsApp officially allows the creation of two accounts on the same phone
Ahmed Moawad - 3 months

Meta has updated the WhatsApp app with a new feature that allows users to create two profiles on one phone and simply switch between them. To use two different WhatsApp accounts, you will not need to use a third device or repeatedly log out of your...

WhatsApp reveals details of its new update for searching within messages
Ahmed Moawad - 3 months

The developer of the most popular messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, recently announced the enhancement of the application's message search tool by including the capability to narrow results by date.

Apple Unveils New Macbook Pro and iMac, Pre-Orders Now Open in UAE
Asma - 4 months

Apple, in a virtual event, recently introduced its latest lineup of MacBook Pro and iMac computers, unveiling three new chips to power them.

WhatsApp announces a new feature for its users
ahmed atef - 4 months

The social networking application known as "WhatsApp" provides users of Android-powered devices with a more straightforward method of accessing their accounts by utilizing something referred to as "pass keys," This development may...

Nafees: Exclusive offers for private sector workers and 50% discounts
Abdallah Shahin - 4 months

‏Etisalat by E&T has recently entered into a memorandum of understanding with the UAE Talent Competitiveness Council (NAFES). This collaboration aims to extend exclusive benefits to individuals employed in the private sector and registered on...

The new X plan, according to Elon Musk: Two premium tiers
mohamed shalaby - 4 months

The CEO of X (previously Twitter), Elon Musk, has made a shocking announcement: the company is working on not one but two premium subscription tiers for its social media network.

WhatsApp stop working on these phones starting this date
Ahmed Moawad - 4 months

A new shock struck many smartphone users around the world, after the recent announcement from Meta, which confirmed that the WhatsApp application had stopped working on a number of smartphones that downloaded an old version of the Android operating...

Facebook and Instagram require users to pay 10€ euros per month for this thing
Ahmed Moawad - 4 months

Large technology businesses in general and social networking sites in particular typically gather user data, such as measuring traffic, behavior, and interactions, and share this data with a third party; the third party is typically the advertising...

Only these phones can use WhatsApp's artificial intelligence-powered stickers.
Ahmed Moawad - 4 months

A new feature revealed by the WhatsApp instant messaging app, which is a feature for creating the stickers you want using artificial intelligence, within the options of the stickers section, but unfortunately, this feature will only be available for...

How much is Starzplay subscription in UAE 2023?
Muhamed abdo - 4 months

Starzplay is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows, including original series, Hollywood blockbusters, and critically acclaimed films. It is available in over 19 countries, including the United Arab...

Warning For iPhone 15 Owners.. Dangerous technical issues Reported
Asma - 4 months

Since its debut on September 22nd, the newly introduced line of models has been beset by several problems.