Smartphone prices in the UAE will drop by 400 dirhams in the coming days

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The cost of smartphones in the United Arab Emirates is expected to decrease by 400 dirhams during the next few days.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is about to be released in retailers in the United Arab Emirates, which will result in a price reduction of up to Dh400 for smartphones.

With regard to their flagship models or mid-range devices, other phone manufacturers may also respond with rate adjustments, according to the store.

Once the newly released S24 model, which is packed with artificial intelligence, is available for purchase in the United Arab Emirates later this week, the prices of some of the earlier models in the Samsung Galaxy series will drop by a factor of ten.

Pre-orders for three different iterations of the S24 model have begun for customers in the United Arab Emirates. The model was introduced to the world on January 17.

Merchants announce lower prices for Galaxy phones in the UAE.

Retailers in the United Arab Emirates have announced price reductions for Galaxy phones.

There is an expectation among retailers in the United Arab Emirates that the prices of previous models of the Galaxy model, such as the S23, will decrease by between 10 and 38 percent. It is anticipated that major stores will begin offering customers the opportunity to acquire the S24 devices beginning on January 31.

How much have the prices of Galaxy phones dropped in the UAE?

When it comes to the United Arab Emirates, how much have the costs of Galaxy phones decreased?

To what extent is the drop anticipated? When the S24 is released to the market in the United Arab Emirates the following week, the Chief Executive Officer of Jumbo Group, Vikas Chadha, believes that the S23 series will be sold at a discount of between 35 and 38 percent compared to its launch period prices.

He stated that competitors might respond to the impact on other companies' handsets by adjusting the prices of their flagship models or mid-range devices in order to maintain their competitive edge.

Nilesh Khalkho, the Chief Executive Officer of Sharaf DG, anticipates a price reduction of between Dh300 and Dh400 for the previous generation of the Galaxy S series. According to him, the launch of the new S series will only have an effect on the pricing of the S23, which is the generation that came before it.

The retailer of electronic goods, ECity, anticipates a reduction in price of up to ten percent for earlier production models.

According to Rajat Asthana, the Chief Operating Officer of Eros Group, the launch of the Galaxy S24 resulted in a decrease of around ten percent compared to the previous versions in the Galaxy S series.

For the most part, it is anticipated that the introduction of new models in the Galaxy S series will have a minimal effect on the prices of other Samsung series phones. It is quite doubtful that the launch of new models will have a substantial impact on the pricing dynamics of other series, as the S series already has a loyal client base, he continues.

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