A fine of 1,000 dirhams was imposed in the UAE for parking these cars in public parking lots

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The police in the UAE revealed huge fines that will be imposed during the coming period, which many citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates will be subject to, some of which will reach 1.00 AED.

A fine of 1,000 dirhams for parking cars without traffic plates

The police authorities in the Emirates announced the imposition of fines of up to 1,000 UAE dirhams for parking cars with traffic plates in the public parking lot.

The police also impose a fine of 1,000 AED for parking a car in public parking lots designated for people of determination without a permit or with an expired permit, or for not displaying the permit clearly.

A fine for displaying cars for sale without a permit in parking lots

The UAE police impose financial fines for offering a car for sale or rent without a permit in public parking lots, and the fine reaches 1,000 UAE dirhams.

The police also decided to impose a fine of up to 1,000 AED for damaging or tampering with the public parking lot, parking fee payment devices, or public parking signs.

Penalty for exceeding the speed limit in public parking lots

The police decided to impose a fine of 100 dirhams for exceeding the maximum limit for using public parking. The same fine will also be imposed if the maximum parking period stipulated in the fee payment ticket is exceeded.

In the event of carrying out any actions that would disrupt the use of public parking or taking the car on the sidewalk or a prohibited place within the public parking, a fine of up to 200 UAE dirhams will be imposed.

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