Abu Dhabi announces free parking and the date for paying fees

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The date for the payment of fees has been announced, and parking is free in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi announces free parking in the holiday

New Year's Day in the United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi to Offer Free Parking

Tolls throughout the emirate will be free, according to the authorities.

Free parking in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of New Year's Day

During the New Year's holiday in the emirate, Abu Dhabi has declared that parking and tolls will be free of charge.

The Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi announced free parking

On the first Monday of January 2024, the Integrated Transport Centre announced that parking and the Darb toll gate would be free of charge. Beginning on Tuesday, January 2, toll gates will once again begin charging fees.

Free parking timings in Abu Dhabi during the 2024 New Year celebrations holiday

On Tuesday, January 2, surface parking, also known as mawaqif, is free until 7:59 in the morning. During the holiday, parking in the Mussafah M-18 truck parking lot will also be free of charge.

Abu Dhabi issues new instructions to drivers on the occasion of New Year's Day 2024

It has been advised to residents that they should not park in locations that are banned, that they should not hinder the flow of cars, and that they should avoid parking in residential areas between the hours of 9 that night and 8 that morning.

Bus services in hoiday in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of New Year's Day 2024

In accordance with the regular timetable for weekends and public holidays, bus services will continue to run.

On the evening of New Year's Eve, Abu Dhabi has stated that some vehicles would not be allowed to enter the island of Abu Dhabi.

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