Dubai Airport issues an important warning to travelers about major fraudulent operations

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An important warning has been issued to anyone traveling through Dubai Airport regarding large fraudulent operations.

Fake social media pages that offer to sell misplaced bags are being used to commit the Dubai airport luggage scam.

DXB issued a warning to travelers, advising them to be on the lookout for con artists who promote the idea that they can sell baggage online for as little as Dh8.

One of the numerous posts made by the fictitious account relating to Dubai International Airport reads, "Forgotten treasures are looking for their new home!" "Choose from a variety of items at attractive prices without any percentage discounts."

Dubai warns against fraud by selling lost bags at Dubai Airport.

These kinds of posts are frequently found on social media platforms, and they involve a fraud that claims to sell misplaced luggage for as little as Dh8. According to the allegations, the strategy entails clearing out the airport warehouse, which is where the "lost luggage" has been waiting for more than six months without being claimed.

By selling missing baggage at Dubai Airport, Dubai is warning against the possibility of fraud.

The authentic account for Dubai International Airport (DXB) issued a warning to passengers via social media, advising them to be wary of the 'false profiles.' The message stated, "We've spotted fake profiles claiming to sell lost luggage on Facebook and Instagram, and we want you to know that it's not us!"

"We're here for takeoffs, not rip-offs," DXB said, taking a funny approach to framing their message. Therefore, if you come across any deals that seem fishy, exercise caution and refrain from clicking on them.

It is still possible to access the bogus Facebook account, with the most recent link and comment being made on January 16th. In the posts that the con artist has made, it is said that sales of lost bags are handled "online only." Numerous posts that are considered to be scams have garnered a great deal of attention, with so-called "clients" providing nice comments, ratings, and photographs.

People are encouraged to visit the website and place orders based on the appearance of this page. A "nationwide delivery" policy and a "60 days to return" policy are also available from them. In one of the posts, it was said that people are going to recycle suitcases that have been stored for more than a year. Due to the fact that the airport does not wish to pay the concession fee for the upcoming quarter, it is planning to sell the remaining lost luggage that is stored.

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