Dubai Authority introduces 3-month permit for visiting medics to practice in UAE

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The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) revealed on Wednesday at the current Arab Health Congress 2024 that the city has introduced a temporary "permit to practice" that is valid for three months and allows visiting medical experts to practice in the UAE.

Dubai has introduced a three-month 'permit to practice' for visiting medical professionals, aiming to address the demand for healthcare staff and access expertise during emergencies. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced this initiative at the Arab Health Congress 2024, emphasizing its role in equipping the local healthcare sector to handle crises effectively.

The permit allows healthcare facilities in the emirate to temporarily fulfill their need for professionals in specialized fields.

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the DHA’s Health Regulation Sector, clarified that obtaining a permit does not automatically guarantee obtaining a professional license in the same field later on. The eventual acquisition of a professional license is subject to meeting specific requirements outlined in the Unified Professional Qualification Guide. This measure is part of Dubai's proactive approach to enhancing the readiness of its healthcare system.

The 'permit to practice' initiative is a short-term solution to address immediate staffing needs, particularly during emergencies, disasters, and crises. It provides a mechanism for healthcare facilities to bring in qualified professionals on a temporary basis to meet critical demands.

This move reflects Dubai's commitment to ensuring the availability of healthcare expertise when required, reinforcing its healthcare infrastructure for effective response and management of various situations. The initiative recognizes the importance of flexibility in workforce management, allowing for swift deployment of professionals to areas experiencing heightened demand for medical services.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, such measures contribute to the adaptability and resilience of the healthcare system, ensuring that it can effectively respond to dynamic challenges and provide the necessary care and expertise to the community.

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