Dubai flights: Emirates expands operations to Australia

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In order to meet rising demand and increase connectivity between Dubai and Western Australia, Emirates is planning to expand its services to Perth by adding an additional flight run by a Boeing 777-300ER.

Commencing on December 1, the new flight, EK424, will depart from Dubai at 9:15 am, reaching Perth at 12:05 am the following day. The return flight, EK425, will take off from Perth at 6:00 am, landing in Dubai at 1:10 pm.

Brisbane Airport's CEO, Gert-Jan de Graaff, expressed enthusiasm for the introduction of the A380, emphasizing its capacity to facilitate an additional 100,000 passengers annually between Queensland and Europe. This is particularly significant for Brisbane, the second-busiest international destination in the region. The deployment of the A380 is part of Emirates' strategy to meet the increasing demand for travel to and from Australia.

The ramped-up services, including the second daily flight to Perth, will contribute to a substantial increase in weekly capacity to Australia, with an additional 6,900 seats being made available. The move aligns with Emirates' commitment to enhancing connectivity across its global network.

Currently, Emirates operates 63 weekly flights to key Australian cities—Brispore, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne—utilizing a combination of A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. This extensive network serves around 56,000 passengers weekly, fostering crucial links between Australia and international destinations. Notably, Emirates has recently announced the expansion of its Premium Economy offering on flights to Melbourne starting on February 1, augmenting the two daily four-class A380 services to Sydney. This strategic move demonstrates Emirates' adaptability and responsiveness to evolving travel patterns and preferences.

Emirates continues to play a pivotal role in connecting passengers worldwide, employing a diverse fleet, and optimizing its services to meet the demands of various markets, including the dynamic and growing Australian sector.

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