Dubai Police provides important services to the public at petrol stations

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Petrol stations are where the Dubai Police Department offers essential services to the general population.

Have you witnessed a criminal act in Dubai? You are now free to go to the gas station that is closest to you.

Residents and visitors to Dubai now have an easier time reporting any wrongdoings and receiving swift responses from the authorities, thanks to the developments made by the Dubai Police.

Do you have any personal experience with being a victim of a crime, having witnessed any suspicious activity, or having witnessed any traffic accidents or violations?

You are now able to report them at the petrol station that is closest to you, anywhere in Dubai.When it comes to reporting breaches and crimes, Dubai Police is there to help facilitate the process.

Dubai Police facilitates the process of reporting violations and crimes.

There is no need to travel to any police station since Dubai Police have made it easier for residents and visitors to report any wrongdoings and receive rapid responses from authorities.This means that there is no need to go to any police station.Dubai Police provides a service for reporting violations at gas stations.

The Dubai Police offers a service that enables the reporting of breaches at gas stations.

The Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc), the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), and Emarat have recently formed a partnership with Dubai Police in order to offer a new service that is referred to as On-the-Go. Individuals are given the ability to report violations and contribute to the improvement of security measures through the utilization of this cutting-edge service.

Dubai Police claimed that by working together, they secure the safety of everyone.First Lieutenant Majid bin Saed Al Kaabi, who is in charge of the "On-the-Go" program, made the following observation: "The initiative is the first of its kind in the world to provide police services at fueling stations." A total of 4,867 employees from 11 different organizations have been educated to provide assistance to clients.

These services are offered at 138 petrol stations located around Dubai. According to Al Kaabi, the companies that these people represent are Enoc, Adnoc, Emarat, Dubai Taxi Corporation, Emirates Transport, International Centre for Security and Safety, First Security Group, Ward Security, Aman Security Training, Transguard Group, and Emirates Auctions.

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