Emirates Police announces a new fine of 400 dirhams for violators

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A clarification was sent by the Abu Dhabi Police Department on Monday, January 29, stating that the'minimum speed' of 120 kilometers per hour, which was introduced on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road in April 2023, applies to vehicles in both directions.

It is specifically the drivers who are utilizing the two fast lanes (the first and second lanes from the left) that are subject to the minimum speed requirement of 120 kilometers per hour. The highest speed that is allowed on the highway is 140 kilometers per hour.

Violating the minimum speed limit

In the event that a driver is discovered to be in violation of the'minimum speed' regulation, they will be subject to a fine for "driving a vehicle at a speed that is less than the minimum speed limit for the road." Those who violate the law would be subject to a fine of Dh400, the police reminded them.

With that being said, the'minimum speed' guideline does not apply to the third and final lanes of traffic. Drivers who are traveling at a more leisurely speed are not subject to any restrictions when it comes to using the third lane. It was emphasized by the police that big vehicles, which are anticipated to use the final lane of the road, are exempt from the restriction that requires a minimum speed.

Implementation of the minimum speed

The mandated minimum speed was implemented with the intention of making driving more secure for motorists. The law requires vehicles that are going slowly to travel in the right lanes and to yield to vehicles that are approaching from behind or from the left. It is the intention of this action to facilitate a flow of traffic on the road that is both safer and more efficient.

Warning to violators

Drivers were warned by the police to be cautious and to desist from changing lanes until they had made certain that the route was clear of any obstructions. It is recommended that drivers change lanes only when there is a sufficient gap between their car and other vehicles, which enables them to proceed safely to the lanes they wish to use. An further point that the police emphasized was the significance of use indicators when changing lanes.

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