Important warning to all citizens and expatriates in the UAE starting from February 6

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With the coming of the Scorpion Season, which is characterized by its rain on vast regions, Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, a member of the Arab Federation for Space and Astronomy, anticipated that the state would see an abundance of rain throughout the month of February. This is because the Scorpion Season is defined by its rain on wide territories.

In an interview with "Emirates Today," Al-Jarwan stated, "The period that is forty years old is forty days long, beginning almost on the sixth of February and ending on March 17; it is characterized by the abundance and comprehensiveness of Righteousness and Bahr), as this period is characterized by its winds and fluctuation between (Northwest) and (Northeast) and easily (South Western)."

He explained that it was "during the same period, the (Scorpion Season), which is described as his heavy rain, and starts from (Saad Al -Dahbah) on February 10 to the end of (Saad Al -Saud status) on March 20."

He made the observation that the time of (forty Marimi) interfered with the entry of "Forty Der," which occurred during the final week of December, and the beginning of the "forty-year-old" with the "eighty," which begins on the seventh of February, and some of them put it beginning on the third of February.

According to the National Meteorological Center, the state is impacted by a low air extension that will persist until the day after day, with the flow of quantities of clouds from the southwest side, with the possibility of rain at night in some western, coastal, and northern regions, and the depression gradually deepens on Thursday and Friday to separate areas accompanied by the fall Rain at intervals with a decrease in temperatures. All of these factors are expected to continue until the day after day.

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