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The UAE launches subscription for public parking for 166 dirhams per month for these areas
Ahmed Moawad - 4 days

A new type of subscription for public parking in the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to meet the needs of various segments of society and residents of the uae.

UAE: New visa rules for residents and fines up to Dh20,000 for administrative breaches
Ahmed Moawad - 4 days

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, and Customs and Ports Security in the United Arab Emirates issued new UAE visa rules and announced fines of up to 20,000 dirhams due to administrative violations. The authority warned entities and...

UAE issues weather warning as rain drenches roads across the country
Asma - 4 days

The UAE experienced rainfall on Sunday evening as forecasted by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). The prevailing weather conditions result from a weak surface pressure system and the extension of an upper-level low-pressure system,...

UAE Central Bank introduces eligibility criteria for expat personal loans
Asma - 4 days

The Central Bank of the UAE allows individuals to seek personal loans secured by their salary and end-of-service gratuity.

UAE: Nine Pakistani Nationals injured in Ajman Factory Fire, rushed to hospital
Asma - 4 days

Nine people were hurt in a fire that broke out in Ajman, and the victims were all Pakistanis. Many hospitals in the United Arab Emirates took in the casualties, who were originally from the regions of Sindh and Punjab.

UAE launches a Dh112M creek restoration project to prevent potential flooding
Asma - 4 days

Dubai Creek, an iconic symbol of Dubai's history and commerce, is undergoing a comprehensive renovation project aimed at fortifying its infrastructure and enhancing maritime safety.

Dubai: Tragic car accident claims a life of 5-year-old girl
Asma - 4 days

The Varghese family, eagerly anticipating the return of their loved ones from India, now finds themselves immersed in tragedy following a fatal car accident in Dubai.

UAE announces Al Khail Road Upgrade to Reduce Travel Time by 30% in Dubai
Asma - 4 days

A substantial reduction in travel time along Dubai's Al Khail Road is on the horizon with the announcement of a new Dh700 million project on Sunday.

The UAE Cyber Security Council issued important instructions to all residents
rawda samy - 4 days

The United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council issued important instructions to all residents.

The Meteorological Center issued a warning to residents regarding the weather conditions in the Emirates today
rawda samy - 4 days

Residents of the Emirates have been issued a warning by the Meteorological Center regarding the weather conditions that are expected to prevail today. 

The UAE announces 4 types of residence permits that allow work within the country
ahmed atef - 4 days

There are four main types of stays that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides for foreigners who wish to work in the nation.

The UAE offers a pre-approved visa on arrival for travelers from these countries
Ahmed Moawad - 4 days

Emirates Airlines has issued new facilities for travelers coming from India to obtain a pre-approved visa upon arrival for passengers holding Indian passports who have booked with the airline, after the company recently entered into an exclusive...

The UAE provides new privileges to golden residency holders
rawda samy - 4 days

Golden residency holders are eligible for new privileges in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE announces good news to citizens and residents of Sharjah before Ramadan
Muhamed abdo - 4 days

The United Arab Emirates announces good news for those residing in Sharjah and traveling to the Sultanate of Oman before the month of Ramadan

UAE: Clarification on Sponsorship of Domestic Helpers for Golden Visa Holders
Asma - 4 days

Domestic workers can be sponsored by UAE citizens with a golden residence visa. But Cabinet Resolution No. 65 of 2022 doesn't specify how many domestic workers a UAE resident visa holder can sponsor.

The UAE announces grants these residents whose earning 15,000 dirhams Green residence
Ahmed Moawad - 4 days

The Identity, Citizenship and Ports Security Authority in the United Arab Emirates has announced the categories that facilitate obtaining green residency according to a number of specific conditions that it has approved, which it will present to you...

Finding the Cheapest Medical Insurance for UAE Residents
Muhamed abdo - 4 days

Don't Let Medical Bills Sink Your UAE Dream! Explore budget-friendly insurance options, compare plans & navigate the system like a pro.

UAE: short-term rentals set for 20% increased returns
Asma - 4 days

The UAE's short-term rental market is witnessing a surge in popularity as a lucrative second income option for residents.

UAE announces new Golden Visa rules, boosting the Dubai real estate sector
Asma - 4 days

Earlier this year, the UAE government announced significant amendments to the Golden Visa regulations, aiming to encourage greater investor participation in the real estate market and strengthen ties with residents.

UAE residents to benefit from lower bank fees, more jobs post-FATF delisting
Asma - 5 days

Despite undergoing scrutiny, the UAE emerged from its two-year probationary period without significant repercussions.

The Meteorological Center in the uae warns of rain in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain today
rawda samy - 5 days

Rain is expected to fall in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain today, according to the Meteorological Center.

UAE: The court orders a resident to pay Dh200,000 blood money due to an accident
Ahmed Moawad - 5 days

The Misdemeanor and Criminal Court in the United Arab Emirates ordered a resident to pay 200,000 dirhams as legal blood money, in addition to imprisonment for 4 months due to a traffic accident that led to the death of a person.

Dubai Court fines a resident 100.000 dirhams and orders his deportation from the Emirates
Ahmed Moawad - 5 days

The Dubai Criminal Court fined a resident of the Emirates from an Asian country an amount of 100,000 Emirati dirhams, on charges of smuggling drugs inside his stomach, and deported him from the Emirates after completing the prison sentence previously...

The UAE issues widespread warnings due to heavy rain hitting these areas this week
Ahmed Moawad - 5 days

The National Center of Meteorology in the UAE issued an urgent warning to all residents and citizens regarding the country being exposed to a surface depression extending from the southwest with a depression extending into the upper layers of the...