The UAE issues a decision regarding the duration and cost of obtaining a family residency visa

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The United Arab Emirates government has issued a number of decisions related to obtaining a family residence visa in the UAE.

The government initially demanded that care be taken to obtain residence visas through official channels only, and the new amendments include the length of time that the entire process may take.

UAE residents can easily complete the family residence visa application process within one week if all your papers are ready and complete.

Maximum 7 days to obtain a family residence visa

As we explained, the entire process takes only 7 working days to obtain approval for the application. If you apply for the visa in the morning and obtain approval at night, then you can take the medical fitness test and biometric scan of the Emirates ID card.

In some cases it takes some time to get an appointment for a biometric screening, and the entire process can be completed easily within a week in most cases.

The visa may cost more in this case

It should be noted that, of course, if your family is present in the UAE and you plan to convert their visa from a visit visa to a family visa, this matter may cost a little more after you submit to the change of status process.

Apply for an entry permit

You must apply for an entry permit to the Emirates, whether the family is already inside or outside the Emirati territory.

Knowing that the entry permit for families, if they are inside the Emirates, is more expensive by about 1,800 dirhams compared to issuing a permit for them while they are outside the country.

Family residence visa costs in the UAE

  • File opening fees: 269 dirhams.
  • Entry permit: AED 500 (if the family is outside the UAE) or AED 1,180 (if the family is already in the UAE).
  • Change of status (if your family is already in the UAE): AED 675.
  • Medical fitness exam costs 320 dirhams.
  • Identity cards cost 170 dirhams each year, 270 dirhams for two years, 370 dirhams for three years, 690 dirhams for five years, and 1,198 dirhams for ten years.
  • Visa stamp costs 500 dirhams.

Factors that affect the final cost of the visa

  • If family members live in the country or outside of it.
  • If they must take a medical fitness test.

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