Sharjah Mandates Distance Learning Amid Heavy Weather for Schools, Universities

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Sharjah authorities have mandated distance learning for private schools and universities in the emirate on Monday, February 12, amidst adverse weather conditions prevailing across the UAE.

Sharjah has taken proactive steps to ensure the safety of its residents amid turbulent weather conditions by instituting distance learning for private schools and universities in the emirate on Monday, February 12. The local emergency, crisis, and disaster management team's decision aims to reduce risks and give priority to the health of students and faculty members at private educational institutions in the area.

Similarly, government schools have been directed to transition to mandatory distance learning for students on Monday, acknowledging the potential disruptions posed by the adverse weather. Concurrently, the Ministry of Education has extended this directive to encompass all federal higher education institutions across the UAE on February 12th, emphasizing the need for consistency in precautionary measures.

Additionally, in response to the challenging weather conditions, all competitions and sports activities organized by the Sharjah Sports Council have been canceled on Monday. This decision underscores the authorities' commitment to ensuring the safety of male and female students, as well as athletes participating in sports clubs across various age groups.

Sharjah's emergency management team has expressed readiness to address the potential repercussions of the weather while maintaining essential services. They remain vigilant in monitoring weather developments and are prepared to implement necessary measures to mitigate risks and safeguard public safety.

In summary, Sharjah's proactive measures, including the implementation of distance learning and the cancellation of sports events, reflect a coordinated effort to prioritize public safety amidst adverse weather conditions. These decisions highlight the authorities' commitment to mitigating risks and ensuring the well-being of the community.

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