The UAE announces controls for issuing some new work permits during 2024

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The United Arab Emirates has announced guidelines for the issuance of new work permits.

The UAE publishes guidelines for granting some new work licenses.

For private tuition, teachers in the UAE are not permitted to work as tutors for pupils attending their schools.

A code of conduct outlining the seven guidelines that tutors must abide by is required of them.

Teachers are not permitted to charge students from their own schools for private tuition.

In order to obtain a work permit for private tuition, teachers are required to sign a "code of conduct," which clearly prohibits them from "providing services directly to students affiliated with their schools."

The Ministry of Human Resources sets a conduct document as a condition for obtaining a private lessons permit.

To obtain permission for private instruction, you must complete a conduct document that the Ministry of Human Resources has mandated.

The 7-point paper says that it is vital to disclose any conflict of interest.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorized private tuition in December of last year, along with the issuance of a new license to conduct instruction outside of schools.

Educators had stated that they would discourage teachers from privately tutoring their own kids since there could be a conflict of interest when the permit was originally announced. They had expressed doubts about the teachers' capacity to uphold justice or neutrality, particularly in cases involving evaluations.

Guidelines for behaviorPrivate tuition is described as the "practice of providing educational lessons outside of school hours by qualified educators" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

The signed code of conduct is one of the documents that candidates must turn in in order to receive the two-year permit.

When working with pupils, teachers must conduct themselves professionally and abstain from "inappropriate activities such as sending them emails or images." They must also refrain from touching their wards physically.

Furthermore, as stated in the document:

Information about parents and students must be kept private and confidential.Under no circumstances may students be the target of physical or verbal abuse.Avoid discussing subjects that are at odds with the state's national identity or that contain strange or radical notions.What is pedagogically feasible?Those who are eligible to apply for the free permit include university students, those in their twenties, registered teachers, people in the workforce, and jobless people.

A permit obtained through the MoHRE website allows private tutors to teach a variety of disciplines. Among them are:

academic disciplines such as food science, geology, chemistry, physics, and arithmetic.

Linguistics such as German, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Business-related subjects include economics, accounting, and commerce.

social studies courses like geography and history.

Visual arts and design.

Studies of Arabic and Islam.

Education through physical means.

Multimedia, graphic design, and film and video production theater, dance, and music.

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The UAE sets procedures for issuing new work permits for private tuition during 2024