The UAE announces that travelers from this country are exempt from entry visas

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The government of the United Arab Emirates has decided to reduce entry visa requirements to the UAE for citizens of Uzbekistan.

The UAE government aims to enhance tourism and trade in the country through this decision to ease entry visa requirements for those coming from Uzbekistan.

In an effort to strengthen ties and boost commercial opportunities, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan inked a visa exemption agreement that will allow passport holders to travel freely between the two countries. Under the terms of the agreement, citizens of both countries can travel visa-free with special, important, or standard passports that are valid for a minimum of six months.

The requirement to apply for an electronic visa prior to entering Uzbekistan has been removed for UAE nationals holding regular, special, or special passports that are valid for a minimum of six months, as stated in this memorandum. On the other hand, per visit they are allowed to remain for a maximum of 30 days.

For the same reason, from January 15, 2024, Uzbek nationals whose biometric passports are designated for "international travel abroad" and "domestic return to Uzbekistan only" will not need a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khaled Abdullah Belhoul and Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the UAE Abdulaziz Akulov signed a memorandum to enhance bilateral relations and ease travel between the two nations. There will be much better cooperation in the areas of politics, economics, culture, and education as a result of this law.

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