The UAE announces the complete closure of several main roads in some areas due to strong rains

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Strong rains have caused the United Arab Emirates to report that some major roadways in certain regions have been completely shut down.

Sharjah has stated that certain highways will be completely closed.

It is strongly recommended that motorists exercise caution and seek out alternative routes.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) experienced adverse weather conditions on Monday morning, which resulted in waterlogging on a number of arterial routes and in low-lying areas.

Sharjah Police announces the closure of the ring road in Kalba.

In Kalba, the Sharjah Police Department has announced that the ring road will be closed.

As a result of the heavy rain, the Eastern Province Police Department of Sharjah Police has stated that the ring road in the city of Kalba (Mohammed bin Zayed City Intersection) will be closed. As a consequence of this, motorists are strongly encouraged to use caution, to seek alternative routes during the closure, and to avoid approaching locations where dams and valleys are flowing.

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority announces the closure of the Corniche Road.

In a recent announcement, the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority announced that the Corniche Road would be closed.

For the same reason, the Road and Transport Authority in Sharjah has stated that the Corniche Road leading to Maryam Island will be completely closed due to the ongoing construction work associated with the development of the infrastructure.

Beginning on Monday, February 12, and continuing through Tuesday, August 13, the road will be blocked.

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