The UAE Police issue an important warning to drivers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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The United Arab Emirates Police has issued a significant warning to drivers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As a result of an accident, the Dubai Police Department issued a traffic warning to drivers.

During a terrible accident in Dubai, a car flipped over, and the authorities are warning drivers.

According to Dubai Police, a terrible accident occurred on Saturday in the Nad Al Hamar neighborhood of Dubai, resulting in a car flipping over.

Dubai issues urgent advice to drivers.

The use of alternative routes and the exercise of caution are also recommended for motorists.

The authority has advised drivers to take precautions and use alternate routes.

The authorities alerted motorists of the event that occurred on Nad Al Hamar Street following the Nasser Bin Lootah Mosque crossroads and were traveling in the direction of Al Rashidiya. They took the information to X.

A video that has been uploaded shows an automobile colliding with another vehicle at a busy junction, and at the end of the collision, the vehicle that was hit flips over.

Abu Dhabi issues urgent traffic alerts to drivers.

Drivers in Abu Dhabi are constantly receiving urgent traffic notifications.

The authority in the United Arab Emirates announces a traffic alert following an accident.

The police issue warnings to motorists about the traffic congestion and delays.

Following a collision that occurred on Al Rawda Road on Saturday, the Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a warning.

On Al Rawda Road, following the Al Anmaa Bridge, the police issued a warning about the possibility of traffic congestion and delays in a post on social media.

The authority advised drivers to be cautious and safe.

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