The UAE sets procedures for issuing new work permits for private tuition during 2024

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The application process for new work permits for private tuitions to students is set by the United Arab Emirates.

For the purpose of obtaining new work licenses for private courses, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stipulates the application procedures.

During the time that parents are looking for teachers to assist their children in receiving educational support, the permit intends to put a stop to illegal and unregulated private tuition.

Fines and other penalties will be imposed on individuals who are found to be providing private courses without a licensed instructor.

Individuals who meet the requirements can submit their application for permission through the Ministry of Housing and Rural Enterprise's website or mobile application.

Documents are required to obtain a teachers’ permit in the UAE.

Documents are necessary in order to acquire a teaching permit in the United Arab Emirates.

The prerequisites are different for each individual who is an applicant. Some of the documents that might be necessary include the following, among others:

Proof of residency in the United Arab Emirates (passport or Emirates ID).

A code of conduct has been signed.

A certificate of integrity and morality.

letter from the employer stating that there are no objections.

a certificate from the guardian stating that there are no objections to the student's ability to provide individual tutoring services.

Evidence of previous work experience (if any).

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