The weather department warns UAE residents about the weather conditions on Monday and Tuesday

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On Monday and Tuesday, the National Center of Meteorology is issuing a warning to inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates regarding the weather conditions.

Here is the weather forecast for Monday in the United Arab Emirates.

The Met Department predicts that the weather will continue to be unstable, and cloudy conditions are anticipated to continue. Convective clouds will be present, which will result in rainfall of variable intensities, lightning, and thunder over a number of different locations. In the coming days, it is anticipated that temperatures across the nation will drop significantly.

It is anticipated that winds will be moderate, with gusts ranging from northeasterly to southeasterly initially. However, there is a possibility that winds will become fresh and strong on occasion, especially when cloud activity is present. This will result in dust and sand being blown back and forth, as well as a reduction in horizontal visibility. Wind speeds are expected to range from 20 to 35 kilometers per hour, with some gusts reaching up to 70 kilometers per hour. It is anticipated that the sea conditions in both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea will present themselves as rough to extremely severe at times, particularly when cloud activity is present.

The weather forecast for Tuesday in the United Arab Emirates.

There is a possibility of precipitation in the northern and eastern regions throughout the afternoon hours on Tuesday, with the weather forecast calling for partly overcast to cloudy conditions at times. During the night and Wednesday morning, there will be a high level of humidity, and there is a possibility that fog or mist could form over certain coastal and interior regions, particularly in western regions.

There is a possibility that winds will be light to moderate, with gusts ranging from northeasterly to southeasterly. There is also a possibility that cloud activity could periodically intensify, resulting in the blowing of dust and sand. Maximum wind speeds are predicted to be between 15 and 25 kilometers per hour, with gusts occasionally reaching 40 kilometers per hour.

The presence of clouds is expected to cause the sea to be choppy in the early morning hours; however, it is projected that the conditions will gradually become moderate to slight in both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea shortly after that.

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