UAE : Eight fishermen rescued from sea after boat-cargo ship collision

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The cargo ship slowed to a stop following the accident, but the fishing vessel sank after drifting for two nautical miles.

After a collision with a commercial cargo ship, the fishing boat was shattered and sent tumbling two nautical miles until it finally came to a stop. There were eight fisherman on board, and three of them got hurt. Airlifts were used by the Dubai Police to transport the wounded to Rashid Hospital in Dubai during a nocturnal rescue operation.

Brigadier Dr. Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, director of the Ports Police Station, recounted the incident, stating that it occurred late Saturday night as a commercial cargo vessel collided with a fishing boat carrying eight sailors en route to Dubai's fish market waterfront. The force of the collision caused the fishing boat to veer off course, leading to its disintegration. Three sailors suffered injuries of varying degrees and were swiftly transported to Rashid Hospital by the Dubai Police Air Wing, while marine rescue teams retrieved the remaining five sailors.

Due to its considerable size, the cargo ship could not navigate into the port, necessitating the use of marine rescue boats to evacuate the sailors despite challenging weather conditions and rough seas caused by strong winds.

Brigadier Dr. Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi cautioned seafarers to heed weather alerts, particularly during this season when sea conditions can change rapidly, heightening the risk of accidents and potential drowning.

Dubai Police also reiterated the importance for ship and boat captains to utilize the 'Sail Safely' service accessible through the Dubai Police app. This service enables captains to register their voyage plans and destinations, facilitating prompt emergency assistance and location tracking as necessary. The feature includes an SOS button for immediate distress signals.

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