UAE announces visa-free access and visa-on-arrival for residents to 7 countries

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With the recent easing of travel restrictions to several popular sites, UAE citizens may now explore lesser-known treasures without the hassle of obtaining a visa.

Traveling to these nations is a breeze for locals since they either provide visa-on-arrival services or don't require entrance permits at all. Regardless of the validity of their passport, citizens of the United Arab Emirates can visit the ten countries listed below with ease, thanks to either a visa-free entry or a visa-on-arrival system.

Georgia: Situated at the meeting point of two continents, Georgia is home to beautiful mountain ranges, sandy beaches on the Black Sea, and ancient cities and villages. Visa-free entrance is available to citizens of the UAE, allowing them a 90-day stay in this fascinating location.

Uzbekistan: This Central Asian nation extends the privilege of visa-on-arrival to UAE residents, allowing a stay of up to 30 days without the need for a pre-issued visa. Cities like Tashkent and Samarkand feature historical landmarks and cultural attractions.

Maldives: Renowned worldwide for its stunning beaches, the Maldives offers a 30-day visa-on-arrival for travelers from all nations. With serene beaches, coral reefs, mosques, and vibrant fish markets, the Maldives is an ideal destination for a relaxing beach holiday.

Azerbaijan: Situated in the Caucasus region, Azerbaijan is famous for Baku's medieval walled inner city. UAE residents can secure a visa-on-arrival, valid for one month, with an option for an extension for those planning an extended stay.

Kenya: In a significant move, Kenya eliminated the need for visas for visitors worldwide, effective from January 2024. The country's tourism industry, crucial to its economy, offers diverse experiences, from beach holidays along the Indian Ocean to thrilling wildlife safaris.

Seychelles: This Indian Ocean archipelago is visa-free for most nationalities, issuing an entry permit on arrival. Known for pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and abundant wildlife, including giant tortoises, Seychelles is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Nepal: Bhutan, a country in the Himalayas, allows citizens of the United Arab Emirates to get a visa upon arrival. Nepal is home to Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, yet it also has stunning temples, peaceful retreats, and delicious street cuisine.

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