UAE Authority Detects 51 Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals, Warns of Health Risks

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Health has detected 51 counterfeit pharmaceutical products since the beginning of 2024, encompassing nutritional supplements, beauty products, weight loss aids, and more.

The cumulative count of counterfeit products on the department's warning list over the past eight years has now reached 2,939. These counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose significant risks to public health, leading to warnings from both local and international health institutions.

In the recent update to the list of counterfeit pharmaceutical products, covering the period from January 8 to January 31, 2024, the department identified various products with unknown origins. Notable mentions include Reno 25 Titanium 500K, Broya Night Cream, Artery King Tablets, Throop Herbal Supplement Tablets, Commander Astamina Time Tablets, and Bull Blood. These products often contain dangerous substances, including sildenafil, dexamethasone, diclofenac, phentolamine, vardenafil, paracetamol, mercury, phenylbutazone, prednisolone, and mefenamic acid. The consumption of such substances can lead to severe health issues, such as heart attacks, strokes, chest pain, high blood pressure, an abnormal heartbeat, skin irritation, and more.

The department attributes the identification of these dangerous substances to various international health bodies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration, Singapore Health Sciences Authority, Hong Kong Health Department, Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, and Australian Therapeutic Products Administration, along with Health Canada.

The list of counterfeit products also highlights hazardous materials like sildenafil, dexamethasone, diclofenac, phentolamine, vardenafil, paracetamol, mercury, phenylbutazone, prednisolone, and mefenamic acid. The side effects of these substances can range from heart attacks and strokes to skin irritation, fluid retention, and gastrointestinal issues.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health emphasizes the importance of caution and urges the public not to purchase or consume products listed as counterfeit. It emphasizes the need to ensure the quality of products before usage and encourages purchasing from approved outlets.

The department strongly warns against buying medical products, beauty products, and nutritional supplements from online sources and social networking sites, urging individuals to consult with healthcare professionals before using any such products. The serious health risks associated with using counterfeit products, as highlighted by regional and international health institutions, emphasize the importance of avoiding them.

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