UAE cautions residents of heavy rain, lightning, and possible hail in some areas

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The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) anticipates a shift in weather conditions in the UAE, with temperatures expected to decrease due to the influence of an upper air depression accompanied by a cold air mass and a westerly trough.

Following a period of pleasant weather characterized by overcast skies and a slight chill, residents can anticipate heavy rainfall and lightning during the upcoming week, as per the forecast by the Met Department. From Sunday to Tuesday, the upper air depression is predicted to intensify gradually, leading to increased cloud cover in scattered areas. These clouds are likely to trigger convective activity, resulting in varying intensities of rainfall along with occurrences of lightning, thunder, and possibly hail in certain regions.

Moreover, a shift in wind patterns from southeasterly to northeasterly is expected, with wind speeds ranging from fresh to strong at times, particularly in the presence of clouds, leading to instances of blowing dust and sand, with speeds reaching up to 15–25 and reaching 45 km/hr.

Sea conditions are forecast to be rough to very rough in the Arabian Gulf and rough in the Oman Sea, particularly during periods of cloudiness. A surface low-pressure system in the Southwest with humid southeasterly winds is to blame for these weather disruptions. Additionally, the presence of an upper air depression with a cold air mass and a westerly trough is expected to contribute to varying cloud cover originating from the west.

The recent weather fluctuations are in line with the onset of the 'Scorpion Season,' a period characterized by increased rainfall throughout February. Renowned astronomer Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, a member of the Arab Federation for Space and Astronomy, anticipates abundant rainfall during this season, which spans 40 days, starting around February 6 and concluding on March 17.

During this period, regions in the Arabian Peninsula may experience winter freezes, particularly in the northern areas. Residents of the Al Jouf region and surrounding areas may encounter the phenomenon known as 'February frost' during the initial weeks of February.

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