UAE court fines a woman 10,000 dirhams over a WhatsApp insult case

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In the realm of digital communication, a recent case has surfaced where a woman finds herself entangled in legal consequences due to mutual insults exchanged on WhatsApp.

This incident involves the use of indecent expressions directed at another individual, leading to accusations of slander and potential contempt.

A court in the United Arab Emirates has recently ordered a lady to pay a fine for her role in a case involving mutual insults over WhatsApp. The event occurred when she made derogatory comments about another person, criticized their actions, and used slanderous language.

The counterparty retaliated with similar language, accusing the woman of disobedience and employing descriptions carrying legal ramifications. Subsequently, both parties filed reports against each other, leading to a summons for a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

During the investigation, despite their denial of the charges, the court of first instance issued a verdict, imposing a fine of 10,000 dirhams on each party and ordering the confiscation of their phones. Dissatisfied with this decision, the second defendant has initiated an appeal, emphasizing the disparaging words exchanged during the WhatsApp conversation.

As the appeal progresses, the prosecution contends that the initial ruling, considering the legal elements of the incident, was just and should be upheld. Electronic evidence reports, alongside images illustrating the exchanged insults, played a pivotal role in the court's determination of guilt and the subsequent imposition of the prescribed punishment.

This case highlights the significance of responsible and respectful online behavior, emphasizing the potential legal consequences associated with engaging in mutual insults through digital communication platforms. It serves as a reminder for individuals to exercise caution and mindfulness in their online interactions to avoid legal entanglements arising from disputes.

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