UAE launches a 4-step process to renew resident entry permits in 48 hours

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Residents now have the convenience of utilizing online tools, in addition to traditional typing centers and customer happiness centers, for a streamlined and efficient process when issuing or renewing their entry permits in the UAE.

Now that everything can be done with a few clicks, the days of gathering paperwork and racing to agents are over. For easy entrance permit issuance, UAE citizens can use the ICP's website or mobile app, UAEICP. To make sure everything goes smoothly, the method consists of four simple steps.

To initiate the process, individuals need to register and create a UAE Pass account. For those who have already registered, accessing smart services is a simple log-in. The next step is selecting the resident permit issuance service. Users then submit an application, providing customer information and necessary documents. Following this, payment of the required fees can be made.

Once these steps are completed, residents can expect to receive their entry permit via email within 48 hours from the time of payment. To ensure a hassle-free application, certain key considerations should be kept in mind:

  1. Accurate entry of the Emirates ID number and expiration date is crucial for those renewing and replacing their permits online.

  2. Before proceeding with payment, it is imperative to double-check all entered details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and delivery methods. Providing precise data ensures the swift processing of applications within the stipulated timeframe, as the entered information undergoes review by the ICP.

  3. A valid passport with a remaining validity period of at least six months must be available for the sponsored individual.

  4. Customers seeking the service must ensure that prerequisites such as medical examinations and the availability of insurance are fulfilled within the specified timeframe to prevent the cancellation of the request activation.

By leveraging the online platform, residents in the UAE can simplify and expedite the entry permit issuance process, enjoying the convenience of a digital approach for their documentation needs.

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