UAE Police issues safety alert to all residents due the bad weather

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The United Arab Emirates Police issued an important security alert to all residents and citizens of the Emirates coinciding with the bad weather the country is witnessing.

The UAE government explained in its statement that, coinciding with the continued bad weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates throughout the morning, Dubai residents received more rainfall.

The Dubai Police Department in the United Arab Emirates sent a mobile security alert to every resident, especially after the latest forecasts from the Meteorological Center, which made it clear that Dubai is vulnerable to weather changes,” the alert stated and was sent at 6:07 am.

"Just a friendly reminder to stay away from beaches, ravines, heavy rain and low-lying areas. Drive carefully and follow the directions of the authorities in your area."

On Sunday, February 11, Dubai witnessed the beginning of a period of unstable weather that is likely to continue throughout the day.

The government has set today, Monday, February 12, as a day for remote work.

Distance learning should be made available to students by schools and universities.

The National Center of Meteorology in the United Arab Emirates has announced details of the weather conditions and temperatures expected in the country tomorrow, Monday, February 12, 2024, when the weather will be unstable and partly cloudy to cloudy with cumulus clouds and rain of varying intensity, accompanied by lightning and thunder in the afternoon. Scattered places, with a considerable drop in temperature, moderate-speed winds that are occasionally active and strong, and clouds stirring up dust and dirt, resulting in reduced horizontal vision.

In its daily statement, the center stated that the winds would be southeasterly to northeasterly / 20 to 30, reaching 60 km/h... and the waves in the Arabian Gulf will be turbulent to extremely turbulent with clouds, and the first tide will occur at 26:14 and the second tide at The time is 57:03, with the first low tide at 11:08 and the second high at 26:21. The waves in the Sea of Oman are turbulent to very turbulent with clouds, with the first tide at 11:25 and the second at 23:54. The first low tide is at 17:28, while the second is at 15:06.

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