UAE rain: Sharjah announces important official decisions due to the rain

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Despite the recent rains, Sharjah has announced that it will implement distant learning for private schools and colleges.

It was on Monday, February 12 that Sharjah announced that private schools and colleges in the emirate would be able to participate in online learning.

In light of the tumultuous weather conditions that have been occurring across the United Arab Emirates, the local emergency, crisis, and disaster management team has issued the notification to private educational institutions.

Taking into consideration the stormy weather, the government schools, on the other hand, have been given the mandate to implement mandatory distance learning for their students on Monday. A notification regarding distant learning was also distributed by the Ministry of Education on Monday, February 12, across the United Arab Emirates. This notice was provided in all federal higher education institutions.

With that being said, every single competition and sporting event Monday was the day that the Sharjah Sports Council decided to cancel its events.

This decision was made in order to protect the public safety of male and female students, as well as male and female athletes who participate in sports clubs and are of varying ages.

The authority has publicly stated that it is prepared to deal with the consequences of the weather, while at the same time continuing to keep an eye on its progression and taking steps to ensure that essential services are maintained.

In the United Arab Emirates, rain has caused all parks in Sharjah to close until further notice.

Due to the hazardous weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates, the Sharjah Municipality has issued an order to completely close all parks inside the emirate.

The parks will be opened to the general public after the extreme weather conditions that have been plaguing the nation have subsided.

Earlier, Sharjah Police put a halt to all activities in Desert Police Park because of the heavy rains and out of concern for the safety of all employees and visitors to the park. However, the park will resume its normal operations and continue to welcome guests until the effects of the depression have passed and the weather conditions have returned to normal.

The city of Kalba City has also declared that it will be temporarily closing all of the parks and gardens that are located within the city.

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