UAE: School Bus Accident Leaves 5 Injured, Including 3 Students

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Three pupils and two supervisors were moderately injured in an accident that transpired on a school transport in Sharjah on Thursday morning.

In Sharjah on Thursday morning, an incident involving a school bus led to three students and two supervisors sustaining minor injuries. The Sharjah Police reported that the accident occurred when the school bus abruptly turned, causing it to drift and collide with the pavement.

Following the mishap, the affected individuals were promptly taken to a hospital for treatment. Reassuringly, authorities have informed the parents of the students attending the private school that their children are safe and in good health post-accident.

Emphasizing the importance of cautious driving practices for school buses, authorities have underscored the necessity of adhering to traffic regulations. In the UAE, school buses are subject to stringent rules and guidelines, with authorities frequently conducting thorough examinations to ensure compliance.

Two thousand buses were retrofitted with cameras and other safety features by the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) last year. With these cameras, parents can keep tabs on their kids' commute to and from school. Also, prior to the pandemic, buses had GPS trackers fitted, so they could be tracked by the operations department of Emirates Transport and the control and monitoring center of the SPEA.

Earlier this year, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) uncovered instances of bus drivers operating without the necessary permits during their inspections of school buses. To obtain a permit, drivers must successfully complete required training and pass an examination administered by the RTA's Public Transport Agency.

They must also meet certain criteria, such as being at least 25 years old, having a clean conduct record, and presenting a medical fitness certificate from an RTA-approved medical center. Similar permit requirements apply to school transport attendants or bus aides, who must also undergo testing and meet specific eligibility criteria set by the RTA.

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