UAE sets 5 procedures that speed up the issuance of the "identity" to customer

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In order to speed up the process of getting an ID card, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has advised clients to adhere to five crucial steps.

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has urged customers to expedite the issuance of an ID card by following five essential procedures. These include timely fingerprinting within 30 days of application submission, completion of health insurance and residency procedures, accurate inclusion of the recipient's phone number, submission of valid documents for at least six months, and timely implementation of required amendments if the transaction is returned within 30 days.

The Authority has detailed a straightforward process for obtaining a residence permit and identity card, starting with registration and account creation or access to electronic services for those already registered. The subsequent steps involve choosing the service, submitting the application, reviewing and updating data, paying fees, and finally receiving the ID card through approved delivery companies.

Customers are advised to ensure the accuracy of the data, the validity of the ID number, and its expiration date during renewal or replacement requests. Accuracy in electronic form data entry before fee payment is crucial to avoiding transaction delays.

Verification of the phone number, email information, and chosen delivery method in the electronic form is emphasized, with the entered data subject to review and audit.

Emirates ID cards are mandatory for all UAE residents, including Emirati citizens, Gulf Cooperation Council citizens, and other residents. Renewal within 30 days of expiration is mandatory, and the authority sends notifications via text message before card expiration.

There are exemptions from late fines for three categories: individuals who left the country more than three months ago with expired ID cards; those whose cards expired after deportation by order or administrative/judicial decision; and individuals who were not issued an ID card before obtaining state citizenship and a family book. Verification through documentation from relevant authorities is required for these exemptions.

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