UAE sets School bus radar to detect "do not stop" when opening the "stop" arm

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Abu Dhabi Police has urged drivers to adhere to stopping their vehicles when the "Stop" arm on school buses is activated, ensuring a distance of at least five meters in both directions to ensure the safety of students crossing. Failure to comply may result in a fine of 1,000 dirhams and 10 traffic points.

Captain Murshid Ali Al Marar of Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the collective responsibility of all parties in ensuring student safety during their commute to and from school. He warned that electronic monitoring would track violations of ignoring the "Stop" signal.

School bus drivers are required to follow specific regulations when using the "Stop" lever to prevent traffic disruptions. They should avoid stopping the bus in front of student homes unless necessary and refrain from halting on highways, main roads, or public bus stops, as these are deemed unsafe for student drop-off and pick-up.

Additionally, drivers are advised not to activate the "Stop" lever if a student is inside their home to prevent traffic congestion. Grievances can be filed against drivers who fail to stop when the lever is activated, with the possibility of cancellation upon proving compliance.

The activation of the "Stop" arm on school buses is crucial in preventing accidents involving students. Drivers are urged to maintain a safe five-meter distance from the bus when the lever is activated to ensure clear visibility and avoid unexpected student movements.

Special radar systems are in place to monitor violations of failing to stop for the "Stop" lever. Abu Dhabi Police collaborates with strategic partners to enhance safety measures at the start of each academic year, conducting awareness campaigns for school bus drivers and emphasizing traffic safety protocols.

Continued efforts are underway to raise traffic awareness among drivers, reduce accidents, and prevent fatalities and injuries. School bus drivers are reminded to park in designated safe areas, allow students sufficient time to board and disembark, avoid speeding, and adhere to safety measures during adverse weather conditions. They should also activate the "Stop" lever when students enter and exit the bus.

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