UAE: Woman awarded 141,500 dirhams for hit-and-run accident

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The first court ordered the International Criminal Court in Dubai to pay an Arab woman (71 persons) 141 thousand dirhams for hit-and-run accident damages.

The court denied a full 500 thousand dirham appeal and requested input from the insurance firm liable for its deep decrease.

This helped her say it was the road while the defendant was ran over by an Asian driver who appreciated road users, according to the police report.

In addition to her crime and permissible bail, she had fractures in various parts of her body and the right forearm in her wrist and hand. She remains in a complete temporary stop to seek treatment, and her bill exceeds 66 thousand dirhams.

After driving in Tahrir without considering the situation, taking precautions, and following traffic laws, the Public Prosecution accused the driver with endangering another's life.

Instead of following traffic laws, the woman was charged with the road ambassador's charge and referred to the criminal traffic court for not entering pedestrian spaces.

According to the Dubai Police General Department's traffic accident expert, who inspected the accident site, the partners contributed to the mistake because the driver was distracted and did not pay attention to rescue road users, and the woman did not follow the lorry from the lane.

Upon conviction, the Penal Court fined the first party 1,000 dirhams, the popular one 200, and suspended the obligation for three years before calculating the civil component.

In a complaint to the Insurance Disputes Agreement, the woman asked the insurance company to pay medical expenses of 66 thousand and 326 dirhams, totaling 400 thousand dirhams, for her accident damages and insurance benefits. The committee demanded 80 thousand dirhams for her compensation and refused less. Requests.

She appealed to the Civil Criminal Court and was cleared of an invoice from Dubai Health that included the authority's treatment costs. She affirmed that she was still certain of the treatment and that the committee's compensation of only 80 thousand dirhams was unfair and did not take into account her entitlement to compensation as an elderly woman. Life would shock her at this age, and she would need permanent care in addition to the psychological suffering from the injury. After a year in the Dubai hospital, her problems persisted.

For her sake, the insurance company concluded that it should not be accepted so that its date may be decided at the time of appeal, based on lack of validity and proof, and appoints it to confirm its registration.

Because the paperwork did not show a protest against the Dispute Agreement Committee's judgment, the court settled the dispute and rejected the initial finding against the company's plea to discontinue its invention. The defendant corporation appealed to the court, which upheld the committee's order to reimburse 141 thousand and 600 dirhams.

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