Urgent statement from Abu Dhabi Police to vehicle drivers due to weather conditions

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Abu Dhabi Police has informed the public via its official account on the social networking site "X" (formerly known as "Twitter") that individuals can acquire a certificate documenting the weather-related damage to their vehicles by visiting the "Serious Accidents Section" at the traffic departments in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra.

Conversely, the Abu Dhabi Police and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority have urged the public to strictly follow safety protocols when using firewood and heating devices to prevent any mishaps that may arise from their improper use. They also advise against engaging in incorrect practices and behaviors while using heating devices, as these can lead to accidents such as house fires. Alternatively referred to as bottlenecks, as officially stated by Abu Dhabi Police on their official Facebook account.

She cautioned against igniting a fire indoors or in enclosed spaces without adhering to safety protocols to prevent asphyxiation and the occurrence of a fire. She emphasized the importance of exercising caution when operating a wood-burning stove, particularly during nighttime, and refraining from sleeping in close proximity to it to mitigate the risk of suffocation or fire. Additionally, it is necessary to illuminate the areas outside the rooms or equip them with specialized hoods to facilitate the upward movement of smoke, guaranteeing adequate ventilation. Moreover, it is crucial to extinguish the fire outside the home and refrain from leaving it burning once it has been used.

She emphasized the importance of maintaining the safety and longevity of the wires that connect the heater to the electrical source. She advised against placing the wires underneath carpets and cautioned against allowing children to play in close proximity to the heater to prevent accidental contact or exposure to its heat. Additionally, she advised against using the heater for purposes such as heating, drying, or lighting incense. It is imperative to deactivate the heater when quitting the premises or during sleep, and to avoid positioning it in close proximity to water or areas with high moisture.

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