Urgent: The UAE announces an increase in flight ticket prices to these destinations

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According to data from ticket reservation services, the prices of airline tickets for direct flights from the local market to Arab locations, including as Amman, Cairo, and Beirut, are expected to climb by up to 32% starting from the first week of April 2024, compared to their pricing in February of the same year.

According to two representatives from tourism companies, costs are increasing during the upcoming spring school break in March and the Eid al-Fitr holiday in early April. This is because there is a huge demand for travel to many worldwide places, particularly Arab destinations.

Based on the data, ticket prices for round trip journeys lasting seven days will remain high until April 22nd. The average ticket price to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is currently around 1,200 dirhams. This is in comparison to an average price of approximately 1,500 dirhams for trips starting from the first week of... In April of the following year, there would be a potential surge of 25% in costs. Notably, Saturday, April 13, marked the highest average prices observed thus far in the current year.

The average ticket price to Beirut, the city of Lebanon, is expected to rise to over 1,750 dirhams in early April, compared to the current price of about 1,350 dirhams, representing a 30% increase. Similarly, the ticket price to Amman, the capital of Jordan, is projected to exceed 1,850 dirhams, up from the current price of 1,400 dirhams, reflecting a 32% increase. The majority of these charges pertain to journeys during the week preceding the Eid al-Fitr holiday and the subsequent period.

The data comprises the pricing for non-stop round-trip flights, with these prices being the lowest available and subject to availability. These prices are distinct from "flexible prices"that offer extra advantages.

Badr Ahli, the Chief Executive Officer of Dubai World Travel Company, stated that prices are increasing during the upcoming spring school break in March and the Eid al-Fitr holiday in early April. This is a result of the high demand for numerous worldwide locations, especially Arab places.

He stated that the prices at that period, in general, were higher than the present rates. However, the average ticket price varied depending on the demand rates and the available supply of seat capacity or flights to each destination.

According to my family, both holidays have a set time period during which most travelers are obliged to go and return on specific dates. As a result, demand increases significantly, leading to higher average prices for airline tickets. They emphasize that being flexible with travel dates can help reduce average prices by a significant amount.

My family recommended making early reservations for individuals who want to travel during the two holidays. He stated that there is a rise in both travel to visit family and travel to popular tourist sites for holiday purposes. He anticipates that airlines will experience high occupancy rates during the forthcoming peak period.

According to Salah Mansour, the Executive Director of STS at the Dubai Link Group, air ticket prices are gradually increasing for journeys that align with the spring school holidays and the Eid al-Fitr holiday. It achieves approximately a 35% increase relative to the existing levels.

He stated that there is a notable increase in demand for bookings in regional destinations, as well as popular tourist spots in Europe and Southeast Asia. He anticipates that prices will continue to rise as the vacation date approaches, reaching exceptionally high levels for last-minute reservations made just days before the travel date. Mansour emphasized the significance of making reservations in advance as the most effective method to prevent price escalations.

He stated that the demand for air travel remains robust until the final week of April next year, but it fluctuates depending on the location. He highlighted that Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon are the most sought-after Arab destinations.

He stated that when the number of people on flights increases, prices will steadily climb and could potentially reach substantial amounts.

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