Canada Government announces Deadline for Companies to Repay COVID-19 Loans

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The federal government of Canada has officially announced that companies have until January 18, 2024, to fulfill the repayment of CEBA loans.

Canada Extends the CEBA Loan Repayment Deadline with Enhanced Forgiveness

In a proactive move, Canada had previously extended the CEBA loan repayment deadline to September. This extension, aimed at facilitating partial loan forgiveness, granted an additional timeframe from December 31, 2023, to January 18, 2024.

Refinancing Application Impact on Forgiveness

To offer more time for borrowers with CEBA debts to refinance, the new deadline for partial loan forgiveness is March 28, 2024, rather than January 18, 2024. There will be more time for banks to react to refinancing requests, which means greater chances for small companies and nonprofits to get loans, thanks to this extension.

Transition to term loans

Term loans with a three-year payback duration will be converted from any remaining CEBA loans starting January 19, 2024. These term loans will have an annual interest rate of 5%. The original due date for the term loan was December 31, 2025; however, it has been amended to December 31, 2026.

Enhanced Forgiveness for Timely Repayment

CEBA loan holders who successfully repay their loans on or before January 18, 2024 (or by March 28, 2024, if the refinancing application is duly filed) stand to benefit from enhanced forgiveness. The government has outlined forgiveness amounts of $10,000 for a $40,000 loan and $20,000 for a $60,000 loan for those meeting the specified repayment timelines.

Communication from Financial Institutions

The government has promised that banks will contact CEBA borrowers individually to discuss their debts in an effort to boost openness and understanding.

Overview of the CEBA Program

From April 2020 to June 2021, the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) program was essential in assisting organizations and small enterprises. The program distributed $49 billion in interest-free, partially forgiven loans, with amounts up to $60,000. Entities were able to pay their operational expenditures with the help of this funding, despite the difficult circumstances caused by the epidemic.

The government's dedication to helping companies and organizations with their financial resilience is highlighted by the extended repayment deadline and improved forgiveness measures, which are implemented as the country navigates economic recovery.

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