Canada bans admission international students until 2026

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British Columbia, one of Canada's provinces, has put a ban on approvals for new universities seeking to accept overseas students through February 2026.

Establish minimum language requirements

The government in the province of British Columbia in Canada has stated that it will set minimum language requirements in training institutions.

The Canadian provincial government also confirmed that it will set higher standards for labor market choices and the quality of diplomas for international students.

Reducing the increase in international student migration

The Canadian provincial government said that it plans to limit the increase in international student migration to join its universities.

The government partly blames its recent decisions on a shortage of rental units and a 7.7% rise in rents nationwide in December compared to the previous year.

Opportunities have a maximum of two years on new international student passes

Last week, the Canadian federal government announced a two-year maximum on new international student permits.

This led to a reduction in the number of students the country receives by 35% this year to about 360,000.

The federal government also announced that it will stop granting post-graduation work permits to some international students.

International study permits in Canada

It is worth noting that as of December 2023, there were approximately one million holders of overseas study licenses in Canada.

These figures are around three times higher than those recorded a decade ago, according to data released by the Canadian government.

It is also claimed that Canada has become a popular location for overseas students because it is relatively straightforward for them to secure work permits after finishing their studies.

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