Canada Determining BOWP work permit eligibility for workers applying for permanent residency

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The BOWP program allows foreign workers who are physically present in Canada to acquire work permits while they await the outcome of their permanent residency petitions.

What are Bridging Gap Open Work Permits (BOWP)?

For certain foreign workers already in Canada who have applied for permanent residency through specific pathways, there is a unique work permit called the Open Gap Work Permit. By extending their work permit until their permanent residence application is decided upon, BOWP makes sure that individuals can keep working when their current permit is about to expire.

Eligibility criteria to apply for open work permits to fill the gap

The following requirements must be satisfied before you can apply for a BOWP open work permit:

  • You ought to have sought citizenship.
  • There must be at least four months before your current work permit expires.
  • A valid work permit is in your possession.
  • At the moment, you call Canada home.
  • If you are a professional looking to stay in Canada and continue working, the BOWP program is a fantastic option. Those seeking permanent residency can only apply through specific programs. Listed below are just a few of the ways this program can help you.

Benefits of BOWP Close the Gap Open Work Permits

  • Greater Employment Opportunities and Flexibility: Canadians holding an Open Gap Work Permit may work for any company in the country.
  • Validity Period: In general, an open stop-gap work visa is valid while your permanent residency application is being processed. This acts as a safety net for candidates, ensuring they are not left hanging.
  • Steps to Get Permanent Residency: When seeking for permanent residency in Canada, having a Close-Gap Open Work Permit will help you demonstrate to immigration officials that you want to stay and contribute positively to the country.

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