Canada issues widespread warnings due to a strong snowstorm hitting these areas

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In a statement, the Canadian government announced widespread warnings about a severe blizzard on its way to Nova Scotia.

Environment Canada, citing the Meteorological Agency, explained that the storm will continue south of Nova Scotia late Tuesday until early Wednesday.

Snowfall is expected to range between 15 and 30 cm by Wednesday afternoon, with wind gusts reaching speeds of up to 70 km/h.

Environment Canada said many areas could see snow accumulation until Thursday night.

It is worth noting that Canada also witnessed a historic snow storm last week that caused a meter of snow to fall, prompting the authorities in the province of Nova Scotia to request help from the police to remove the snow.

The snow caused paralysis in the transportation network and power outages, and also forced many companies, schools, institutions, and stores to close their doors.

It is also noteworthy that many residents shared videos and pictures of the storm on social media, some of which showed accumulations of snow blocking the doors of their homes or exceeding the height of the roofs of other homes, while in other scenes cars appeared to be completely buried under the snow.

A state of emergency was also declared in some areas after more than 100 centimeters of snow fell, referring in particular to the areas surrounding Cape Breton Island, located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Large amounts of snow are expected across the Northeast, from northern Pennsylvania to Massachusetts, including the Boston area. Up to a foot of snow is expected to fall in some regions, causing travel delays and cancellations throughout the Northeast on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, our storm will intensify further as it approaches Atlantic Canada. Favorable upper-level winds and warm Gulf Stream waters may allow storm pressure to drop swiftly enough to designate the system as a weather bomb.

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