Canada: Official proposals to cancel the decision to ban snow skiing in Toronto

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A campaign of signatures from residents in the city of Toronto, Canada, to cancel the recent government decision to ban snow skiing due to bad weather and not endangering the lives of citizens.

Toronto City Councilor Brad Bradford was able to collect signatures from residents and obtained the signatures of more than 500 residents in support of a proposal to cancel snowmobiling in the city, which includes more than 45 different areas.

Toronto...the uninteresting city

Toronto's city councilor said that this recent situation of banning skating in the city has created a national embarrassment due to the skating ban, which has caused the city to gain the nickname "Uninteresting City."

Skiing will be banned in the city at the beginning of this year, 2024

It is noteworthy that the City of Toronto banned skating in the city in parks that it considered unsafe, pointing to unclear paths that could expose participants in the annual activity to the risk of injury.

It is also noteworthy that East Linn Park, which is located in the Bradford neighborhood in which he lives, has been a hotspot for ice skating in recent years, and is one of the many hills where ice skating is currently prohibited.

As a result, Bradford, who represents the Beaches East York area, launched a petition that received more than 500 signatures from residents in support of his proposal. Upon obtaining the opinions of some local residents about this ban, one of the women called on officials to allow children to have the experience of their childhood and enjoy it instead of... Block it.

Confirmation of the proposal from Mayor Olivia Chao.

Bradford's proposal was presented by Mayor Olivia Chao, stressing that people should only be warned and not banned at all. It is expected that Bradford's proposal will see new signs to warn and educate skaters.

You can find a complete list of hills that are considered safe in the Canadian city of Toronto, in addition to many safety tips, on the city’s official website (

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