Canada requires parental consent to change name and conscience in schools

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Students in Alberta who are 15 years old or younger will now be required by law to obtain their parents' permission before they may alter their name or pronouns while attending school, according to Governor Danielle Smith's proclamation.

Alberta Governor Danielle Smith has introduced new policies in the province, requiring parental consent for students aged 15 and under who wish to change their names or pronouns at school. This announcement was made in a video posted on the X platform (formerly Twitter), and it was revealed that students aged 16 and 17 will not need consent, but parental notification will be mandatory.

The policy changes, discussed with the Conservative caucus, cover various aspects of transgender issues, including restrictions on treatment and surgery as well as guidelines for sports participation. In a video statement lasting around seven minutes, Smith expressed the government's desire to convey love and support to transgender individuals while emphasizing the need to withhold consent for life-altering decisions until young people demonstrate the necessary maturity.

Smith highlighted the complexity of this period and the significant responsibility of parents, educators, and community leaders in preserving children's rights to grow into mature adults. The objective is to ensure that they are well-prepared to make decisions that impact their lives.

The policy adjustments also involve restrictions on gender confirmation surgeries and hormone therapy for teenagers. Notably, sex reassignment surgery will be prohibited for individuals aged 17 and under. The government encourages parents to actively engage in teaching their children about gender and sexual orientation within the school environment.

Additionally, the province plans to collaborate with sports organizations to establish measures preventing women and girls from having to compete against transgender athletes. These policy changes reflect the government's commitment to balancing support for transgender individuals with the importance of parental involvement and ensuring age-appropriate decision-making.

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