Canada grants a longer work permit for 3 years after graduation to post-graduate students

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Immigration Canada has announced additional updated details on provincial letter of attestation requirements for international students in Canada.

The Ministry provided additional details in addition to the new provisions related to post-study work rights for students who hold master’s and doctoral degrees, in addition to new restrictions on employment opportunities for students in partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Provincial Attestation Letter for International Students in Canada

Most new international post-secondary students at the college or undergraduate level must submit a letter of attestation with their study permit application.

The last statement, published on February 5, indicates that, as of this effective date, any application received that does not include a regional letter of certification will be returned.

Students who applied for study permits before this decision took effect, that is, before January 22, and have already received approval for their applications for a study permit, will be exempted.

Master's or doctoral students (note, however, that those applying for non-degree-granting postgraduate programs [for example, certificates and postgraduate diplomas] will need a PAL).

Post-study work rights for postgraduate students for 3 years

Students from a master’s degree program of less than two years who fulfill all other programs will be granted a longer work permit for a period of 3 years after graduation starting from February 15, 2024.

Post-study employment rights for PPP students

The IRCC also underlined that overseas students presently enrolled in academic programs delivered through public-private partnerships will be eligible for work permits after graduation. However, new students who enroll in such programs after September 1, 2024 will not be eligible for the PGWP.

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