Canada: WestJet Airlines introduces summer flight schedule, adding new routes

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WestJet, a prominent Canadian airline, has recently unveiled its highly anticipated summer flight schedule, which introduces an array of exciting new routes to captivating destinations departing from various Canadian cities.

In its summer 2024 schedule, WestJet proudly announces the addition of 26 fresh routes, significantly expanding travel options within Canada. This expansion reflects the airline's commitment to enhancing connectivity and providing passengers with a diverse range of destinations to explore during the summer months.

One of the key highlights of WestJet's summer schedule is its focus on offering increased capacity and travel options to popular, sunny destinations. With a 56 percent increase in capacity from Toronto to sunny locales, WestJet aims to cater to the high demand for leisure travel during the summer season.

In addition to bolstering its domestic network, WestJet is also expanding its international reach, particularly to European cities. Passengers can look forward to new routes connecting Canadian cities such as Calgary, Halifax, St. John's, and Toronto to European hubs like Edinburgh, London, Dublin, and Reykjavik in Iceland.

Furthermore, WestJet is introducing a variety of new routes to sought-after summer destinations, including San Francisco, Phoenix, Orlando, Varadero in Cuba, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, and Providenciales in the Caicos Islands. This expansion of routes reflects the airline's commitment to meeting the diverse travel preferences of its passengers.

One of the standout features of WestJet's summer schedule is its extensive flight network between Canada and Hawaii. The airline will offer expanded direct services to popular Hawaiian destinations such as Honolulu and Maui from Calgary, with convenient connecting flights available from Toronto. Notably, WestJet will be the only airline offering year-round service between Canada and Maui-Kahului from both Calgary and Vancouver.

In addition to its focus on leisure travel, WestJet is also prioritizing connectivity for domestic travelers within Canada. The airline is introducing new direct routes between Calgary and Deer Lake in Newfoundland, while also resuming nonstop services between Toronto and Moncton in New Brunswick, Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, and Victoria in British Columbia.

Overall, WestJet's summer flight schedule underscores its commitment to providing passengers with a comprehensive range of travel options, both domestically and internationally, catering to diverse preferences, and ensuring a seamless travel experience for all.

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