George Santos is accused of fraud, money laundering and other crimes

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George Santos is pretty extraordinary, even by the poor ethical standards that exist today for politicians,The 3rd Congressional District of New York's U.S. congressman has been charged with lying about his background in education, employment, humanitarian work, athletic prowess, and even where he resides, among other things.

The crimes of George Santos

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged Santos with 13 counts of criminal activity, including fraud, money laundering, stealing public funds, and making false statements. Now, some of his alleged falsehoods—those that the public had not previously heard about—are the subject of a federal indictment.On May 10, Santos turned himself in to federal officials at a courthouse in a Long Island neighbourhood.

According to the accusations in the indictment taken as a whole, Santos is accused of repeatedly using dishonesty and fraud to gain access to Congress and profit himself, according to U.S. Attorney Breon Peace.

The Fake Charity of a Lying Politician

Many academics have written on Santos for The Conversation U.S., his capacity to lie when the truth was obvious, and the hatred such falsehoods generate in people.
Here, we highlight three instances from our past.

The Deceitful Practises of a Fraudster

Professor Sarah Webber is an expert in nonprofit accounting, and Santos caught her eye because of rumours that he made up a foundation.
The rookie politician made the claim that he formed and oversaw Friends of Pets United, a purportedly fictitious charity animal rescue organisation, on an early version of his campaign website.
Whatever the issues in Santos' case may be, Webber stated that fraudulent charities are a significant issue,According to Webber, "their scams divert donations that would probably otherwise support respectable causes that benefit society in some way."

The Legal Consequences of Political Dishonesty

According to Miguel Schor, an expert on constitutional law, comparative constitutionalism, democracy, and authoritarianism, most of Santos' false statements may be covered under the First Amendment,The people who elected Santos to the House and several New York GOP members who wanted him to quit may have been upset by his lying.

But up until the indictment, Santos was able to avoid facing charges,The U.S. Supreme Court has concluded that lies enjoy First Amendment protection,Schor said, "not because of their value but because the government cannot be trusted with the power to regulate lies.

Voters resent unnecessary lying by politicians

Michael Blake is a political philosopher who focuses on the ethical underpinnings of democratic politics in his writing,According to Blake, lying to voters is not always ethically bad since candidates for office are compelled to tell voters what they want to hear,Santos' falsehoods, however, have sparked anger and indignation rather than the normal types of misleading tactics used in political campaigns, suggesting that voters do not accept being lied to unnecessarily, nor about matters subject to easy empirical proof or disproof.

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