Iran introduces visa-free travel to Qatar, effective February 4

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Iran has initiated a visa-free travel program for Qatari tourists, effective February 4, 2024, according to the announcement by Ali Salehabadi, the ambassador to Qatar.

Iran has taken a significant step to enhance tourism by implementing a visa-free travel program for Qatari tourists starting on February 4, 2024. Ali Salehabadi, the ambassador to Qatar, made the announcement and expressed satisfaction with the strong cultural ties that exist between the two nations.

The visa-free initiative is viewed as a crucial measure to strengthen bilateral cooperation and promote tourism, aligning with the mutual national interests of Iran and Qatar.

Deputy Foreign Minister Alireza Bigdeli had previously conveyed that the Foreign Ministry had notified relevant authorities about the executive order from the cabinet, signaling the elimination of visa requirements for citizens of 28 countries. This decision facilitates visa-free travel for individuals visiting Iran specifically for tourism purposes.

The countries benefiting from this visa-free travel initiative include the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Tanzania, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Seychelles, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, and India. As of February 4, 2024, citizens from these nations can enjoy the freedom to visit Iran without the hassle of obtaining a visa.

The visa-free program is expected to play a pivotal role in promoting tourism, fostering cultural exchange, and deepening the ties between Iran and Qatar. Ambassador Salehabadi highlighted the importance of this initiative in advancing tourism while emphasizing the strong cultural bonds that exist between the two nations.

This move reflects Iran's commitment to opening its doors to international visitors and creating a more accessible and welcoming environment for tourists. By waiving visa requirements for citizens of these 28 countries, Iran aims to attract a diverse range of visitors and position itself as an attractive destination for global tourism. The visa-free travel initiative is anticipated to contribute significantly to the growth of tourism and strengthen the relationship between Iran and the countries involved.

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