US military targets 10 Houthi attack drones and control station in Yemen

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In Yemen, U.S. forces recently attacked ten attack drones and a ground control center that belonged to the Houthi, who receive support from Iran.

A US warship shot down three Iranian drones after intercepting an anti-ship missile fired by the Houthis, according to the US military through Central Command (CENTCOM).

The strikes occurred at the first light of Thursday morning local time. According to CENTCOM, they targeted a "Houthi UAV ground control station and 10 Houthi one-way UAVs" that posed an urgent threat to commercial ships and US Navy vessels in the vicinity. In light of the danger that the drones pose, the statement stressed the need to respond.

Additionally, the USS Carney, a US naval destroyer, successfully deflected a Houthi anti-ship ballistic missile. Within an hour, the same warship downed three Iranian drones. While the details of the drones' purpose (attack or surveillance) were not specified, the events reflect heightened tensions in the region.

CENTCOM did not disclose the specific type of US aircraft threatened but mentioned that a Houthi surface-to-air missile was destroyed on the same day, representing a deviation from past air raids focused on reducing the rebels' capacity to threaten international shipping. The strike occurred in "Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen."

In November, the Houthis began attacking ships in the Red Sea, saying they were going after Israeli-affiliated ships that were providing aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. The United States and the United Kingdom responded by attacking the Houthis. To ensure the safety of ships using the Red Sea, an important commercial route that accounts for as much as 12% of world trade, the United States formed a multinational naval task force.

Despite diplomatic and financial pressure, including redesignating the Houthis as a terrorist organization in January, the group's attacks persisted. The houthis claimed to have targeted an American merchant ship bound for Israel with naval missiles. The maritime security firm Ambrey reported an explosion on a commercial vessel southwest of Aden without specifying its nationality.

These events underscore the ongoing conflict involving the Houthis, Iran-backed groups, and regional tensions fueled by anger over Israel's actions in Gaza. The situation continues to impact the broader Middle East, leading to violence in various regions, including Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

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